With 16 million plastic bottles ending up as pollution every day, Thames Water saught to engage with its customers to encourage behaviour changes that would help reduce plastic waste and improve public perception of tap water quality.
I supported with the design of a pop-up stand that provided free water to anyone carrying a refillable bottle. The bar provided beer-style pumps so customers could "pull a pint of London’s finest" at large events over the summer, including the Chelsea Flower Show, Countryfile Live and Notting Hill Carnival.
Any customers who didn’t already carry a bottle with them could alternatively make use of the drinking fountain also provided at the stand, and were offered the opportunity to buy a custom designed, reusable water bottle that included a donation to WaterAid.
The pop-up stand itself was designed to be an open and inviting space, where customers could be free to help themselves to the taps. Factoids were strategically placed around the walls and floor to explain the importance of changing our behaviours, and there was a display of 800 plastic bottles on the ceiling to represent the amount that are thrown away in the UK every 4 seconds.
The results were overwhelming, with 110,000 bottles refilled / plastic bottles avoided, and 20,000 bottles sold, meaning £5,000 raised for WaterAid. Additionally, 99% of visitors surveyed wanted to see the bar at more events, with 83% saying their perception of the company had improved.
Developed in collaboration with CSM Sport & Entertainment
Photos provided by Thames Water

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